Power Line Filters

What filters do we offer?

  1. Filters for fire alarm systems
  2. Telephone line filters
  3. Filters for control modules, security systems and access control
  4. Specialized filters for air intake / exhaust - "honeycombs"
  5. Multi optic fiber wave-guide filters;
  6. Filters for temporary input of copper cables - type "copper trap", condensing water and for air conditioners "split" system
  7. Earthing modules; Pass-through panels with N and / or BNC couplings for measurements of electromagnetic attenuation, etc.

Very High Performance Single Line Power Filters


Suitable for TEMPEST applications and EMP protection systems.

Insertion Loss:

100dB from 14kHz-40GHz.

Current ratings:

32-200 Amps.

Voltage ratings:

Single line, 250V.


High Performance RFI / EMI Power Filters


Excellent, cost effective, general purpose power filter.

Insertion Loss: 

100dB from 150kHz to 40GHz in both symmetric and asymmetric modes.

Current ratings: 

6-100 Amps.

Voltage ratings:

2-line (single phase) filters 250V-DC/50/60Hz, 120V-400Hz.
4-line (three phase) filters 440/250V-DC/50/60Hz, 220/120V-400Hz.

What is their application?

Filtering of power, information signals, signals and lines to control modules and telephone lines that must enter a shielded volume or other protected areas to reduce the risk of unwanted emissions.

Where are they widely used?

  1. Power filters - The main single-phase and three-phase installations for computer centers, in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, defense structures and other government organizations.
  2. Filters for control modules - for equipment such as lighting, elevators, alarm systems, doors, computer equipment in the above users.
  3. Telephone and communication filters for the above users.

How to specify the filter we need?

  1. Application; Maximum current consumption - in amperes for each phase
  2. Maximum current consumption - in amperes for each phase
  3. Voltage - VAC / VDC; Number of lines or phases
  4. Frequency - Hz
  5. Size / weight restrictions, if applicable
  6. Operating temperature - degrees Celsius
  7. DAMP in dB + frequency limits in Hz
  8. Impedance - in ohms;

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