Safes For Storing Documents, Data Media and Valuables

These safes are from some of the most famous European manufacturers. The safes are in compliance with protection requirements for all data media. They offer maximum protection against fire, moisture and different types of gases. They have been tested according to some of the most severe standards in the world practice. The certified safes have been tested by exposure to fire from 30 to 120 minutes at temperatures reaching 1090 degrees Centigrade and have been thrown from 9.15 m on a hard flooring. They are classified S 30 DIS, S 60 DIS and S 120 DIS for storing data media and, S 60 P and S 120 P for document protection. The classification means that the stored data media safe after a serious fire exposure up to 120 min. The safes are in different dimensions and have modern design, suitable for every office. Owing to the used materials the safes are made lighter and with thinner walls, and the useful internal space is increased. Lots of useful accessories are available (shelves, disk boxes etc.). All the safes are with certified locking mechanisms, easy re-programmable, some of them with more than 1,000,000 combinations available.


Wall Safes, Floor Safes And Furniture Safes

We offer various types of safes depending on the defined security level, considering the new European standards, dimensions, weights, colors and purpose.


Steel Cabinets And Safes For Holding Keys

We can offer a wide variety of steel cabinets and safes for holding keys that can be suitable for your needs. The products are remarkable for their construction and high quality, mass production and competitive prices. Owing to the continuos numbering of the hooks and special color arrangement we guarantee order and neatness that is very important in cases of emergency.


Archive Storing Strong Rooms

For these special premises we provide and install special lightweight vault doors and specialized fireproof cases for storing your documents.


Hour Deposit Locks

To make cash activities easier and to limit the access of the clients to the bank premises at night, we supply and install 24-hour deposit locks, which can monitor and record the events in real time.


Deposit Locks

The deposit locks we offer are from European manufacturers with over a hundred years of experience. The parts contain locks with standard European dimensions. They are produced from different types of stainless steel and there is a possibility to be equipped with locking systems - mechanical or electronic.


Cases And Safes For Weapons

For storage of short and long weapons we can offer individual safes and a block with five cases with the following parameters: one or double walled body, double walled door, block with five internal cases with double-bit safety locks and 1 main key (for authorized personnel only). All the inside locks are covered with suede-like backing. The modules can be set with a different number of locks.


Hotel Safes

The hotel safes that we offer can facilitate your guests and make them feel safe. Each of your guests can store his/her personal belongings like documents, valuables, video and photo cameras and can easily reprogram the electromechanical lock for his personal code (from 3 to 8 digits).

Download the complete safe catalogue of Format Tresorbau - HERE