Shielded Rooms

Shielded Rooms And Anechoic Chambers

The MARTEC Ltd team has many years of experience in the design, supply and construction of shielded rooms. So far, we have built more than 70 shielded rooms with various applications, including the 3m anechoic chamber up to 18 GHz, MRI room in hospital, Cyber Security lab. We offer a plan that covers all phases of project development - from establishing the necessary requirements, construction and commissioning to the final tests by an accredited European laboratory. We provide post-warranty service of the facility

Protection with electromagnetic shield with modular construction.

The room is assembled from shielding panels and components manufactured for us in Europe. Its dimensions are in accordance with the dimensions of the reception room. It can be dismantled, moved and re-installed in a short time without losing its shielding properties. The modules allow to change the dimensions of the shielded room, to complete it or to reduce it. Its qualities remain unchanged for more than 20 years.

Modular anechoic chamber

We design and build modular, fully anechoic (FAC) or semi-anechoic (SAC) chambers with measuring distances from 3 m to 10 m, reverberation chambers, chambers for antennae measuring, etc. The modular anechoic chamber is lined with ferrite and foam absorbers depending on the requirements of the Investor. The chambers are manufactured to meet the requirements of established international standards. We provide electromagnetic attenuation from 80dB to 100dB in the frequency range from 14kHz to 40GHz. We organize measurements of the efficiency of attenuation and uniformity of the field in the chambers by specialists of established European measuring laboratories.


Imaging rooms (MRI)

We design and manufacture rooms for diagnostic imaging in medical centers and hospitals. Depending on the requirements of the Investor, they are made of panels with copper sheet or ferromagnetic panels. The interior design is artistically designed according to approved architectural projects.

Protection with electromagnetic screen by metallized fabric technology

The main components of the system are based on facing material, resembling wallpaper, which is metallized with special technology with copper, nickel and / or silver. Each fiber is covered on all sides with metal, thus the shielding material receives a homogeneous metal coating over its entire surface. These metallized cladding materials easily fit into any shape of the room and are used and processed like wallpaper. The walls, ceilings and floors can then be lined with commercially available materials such as carpets, wallpaper and more.

Protection with electromagnetic shield with seam welding in gaseous medium

The screen produced by this technology is extremely durable and has parameters close to the theoretically calculated limit.

All shielding components shown in the photos of the projects, implemented by our team belong to their respective manufacturers!