Shielded Rooms And Anechoic Chambers

We offer protection of the premises against electromagnetic interference. This includes computer centers, computer and TEMPEST rooms, TEMPEST RACs, MRI rooms in hospitals, anechoic chambers, etc. We use shielding components for EMC chambers in the anechoic/semi-anechoic chambers, designed primarily for radiated immunity testing over a frequency range of 80MHz to 18 GHz. Shielding performance is compliant to EN50147-1, 1996 and MIL-STD 285. The anechoic chambers can also be used for ANSI C63.4-1992.


An alternative technology: The main components of the system are based on plastic lining material, which is rolled up like wallpaper. It has been metalized after a special technology with copper and/or silver. Each plastic fibre has been covered with metal and thus the shielding material acquires a homogeneous metal lining throughout its surface. These metalized lining materials can easily fit every shape of the premise and is processed just like wallpaper. The walls, the ceilings and the floors can be covered with some commonplace material afterwards, e. g. linoleum, wallpaper, etc.

Electromagnetic shield through joint welding in gas environment: The shield, which is produced after this technology, is practically everlasting and has close parameters to those of the theoretical maximum.